How much carbon can a young woods capture?

A young wood can capture 400+ tonnes per hectare in its trees, roots and soil! Imagine planting 1000 hectares of new woodland in the next year and another the year after that, 400,000+ tonnes of carbon would be captured each year! Our aims are to establish tree nurseries in each and every county in the UK to begin producing mass amounts of trees that will help the Big Climate Fightback!

After the floods from the heavy rainfall in spring, we need more trees to help fight the climate but also to fight floods!

Trees love water, their roots dig deep into the ground to find it in all directions. When we plant trees in areas at risk of flooding we will be helping create a natural barrier that will slow the flow of floods as the trees will help the surrounding soils absorb the water!

How much ancient woodland is left in the uk?

Tree coverage in the UK is nothing to shout home about as it currently stands at 13%. In comparison to other European countries it is a low percentage as they average at around 37%. There is only 2% of ancient woodland still standing in the UK due to the continuous destruction of these sacred sites that made way for housing, airports and other industrial developments. We hope that the trees we plant today will go on to become ancient woodland at some point in the distant future, we also hope that they are celebrated for playing a pivotal role in reversing climate change!