Pausing the Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage goes on hold while the founder focuses on outreach and working on a personal project over Winter!

On the 1st November the founder paused the pilgrimage and headed back up to the midlands in preparation to ground himself for Winter. This decision was made as he felt in his heart that it was the right thing to do. Along the way, Luke had adapted to life on the road pretty well and learnt much in the short two months he was walking. He is coming off the road to focus on a couple of personal projects that he believes will reshape his journey when he begins again in the Springtime.

Upon return, Luke reflected on his journey with gratitude and filled with much hope in our ability to pull together to rectify the inequalities that are entrenched into the fabrics of our world.

Luke has also decided he will be changing the name of the podcast he has been hosting along the way. The new name will match up to the social media tag and now be titled, Psyched Up Souls. This has come about as he is thoroughly enjoying the podcast and wishes to continue hosting people on throughout the winter as this will allow him to record episodes from afar.

The first episode with this new title will be an absolute scorcher and will certainly bring a Psyched Up Soul onto the platform to speak about her work, leading the way in advocacy of regenerative farming.

All in all, Luke has had an incredible time on the road and is overwhelmed by the hospitality he has received and all the love and support felt while he walked through Cornwall. On top of this, the deep connections made with resonant souls will last a thousand lifetimes, for this he feels grateful beyond measure.

Stay tuned for the continued journey in Spring!